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🎨 Improve structure / format of the code


⚡ Improve performance


🔥 Remove code or files


🐛 Fix a bug


🚑 Critical hotfix


✨ Introduce new features


📝 Add or update documentation


🚀 Deploy stuff


💄 Add or update the UI and style files


🎉 Begin a project


✅ Add or update tests


🔒 Fix security issues


🔖 Release / Version tags


🚨 Remove linter warnings


🚧 Work in progress


💚 Fix CI Build


⬇ Downgrade dependencies


⬆ Upgrade dependencies


📌 Pin dependencies to specific versions


👷 Add or update CI build system


📈 Add or update analytics or track code


♻ Refactor code


➖ Remove a dependency


➕ Add a dependency


🔧 Add or update configuration files


🔨 Add or update build scripts


🌐 Internationalization and localization


✏️ Fix typos


💩 Write bad code that needs to be improved


⏪ Revert changes


🔀 Merge branches


📦 Add or update compiled files or packages


👽 Update code due to external API changes


🚚 Move or rename resources (e.g.: files, paths, routes)


📄 Add or update license


💥 Introduce breaking changes


🍱 Add or update assets


♿ Improve accessibility


💡 Add or update comments in source code


🍻 Write code drunkenly


💬 Add or update text and literals


🔊 Add or update logs


🔇 Remove logs


👥 Add or update contributor(s)


🚸 Improve user experience / usability


🏗 Make architectural changes


📱 Work on responsive design


🤡 Mock things


🥚 Add or update an easter egg


🙈 Add or update a .gitignore file


📸 Add or update snapshots


⚗ Perform experiments


🔍 Improve SEO


🌱 Add or update seed files


🚩 Add, update, or remove feature flags


🥅 Catch errors


💫 Add or update animations and transitions


🗑 Deprecate code that needs to be cleaned up