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Downloading Libraries

carthage bootstrap


bootstrap reads Cartfile.resolved, checks out and builds the dependencies at the versions listed.

carthage update


update reads Cartfile, runs a dependency resolver and checks out dependencies recursively –generally aiming for the newest versions that are compatible– and rebuild the project's dependencies.


carthage build


This builds the frameworks. You might want to use that with --no-use-binaries. This may take time.

Using Parameters (Flags)

carthage build --no-skip-current


This ensures that carthage doesn't skip over anything and builds the frameworks. You might want to use that with --no-use-binaries. This may take time.

carthage [update|bootstrap] --platform ios

--platform ios

Build for iPhone platform.

carthage [update|bootstrap] --platform macos

--platform macos

Build for Mac desktop platform.

carthage [update|bootstrap] --platform all

--platform all

Build for all platforms.

carthage [update|bootstrap] --use-submodules


Download the dependencies as submodules. If you use this --flag, this makes the dependencies available as Git submodules. This allows you to make changes in the dependencies, and commit and push those changes upstream.

carthage [update|bootstrap] --no-use-binaries


Use this flag to ensure all the workspace dependencies get checked out. Otherwise carthage will default to the binary framework releases.

carthage [update|bootstrap] --no-build


This is a real time saver. You can download the dependencies but not build the .framework file. This will also skip the creation of a Carthage/build folder.

carthage update [name of library]

update [name of library]

Instead of downloading and re-building all the dependencies, you can just specify which dependency to build.


carthage update --verbose


Spell out everything that is happening.

Dependency Origin vs. Version

github "[dependency]" "[branch]"

Dependency Origin

Checkout a dependency from some-branch-or-tag-or-commit

github "[dependency]" ~> X.X.X

Compatible with version X.X.X

github "[dependency]" >= X.X.X

At least version X.X.X

github "[dependency]" == X.X.X

Exactly version X.X.X